After a rainy morning, Christian (a MSF doc who joined me for 24 hrs) and I headed to Little Petra to explore a bit. As the drizzle came and went we sat with tea and a hookah, looked for the long way around to Petra, and talked the talk of travelers.

Still early in the day, we set out in opposite directions. I headed over the Wadi Namla pass into Wadi Araba-- and then on to the Dead Sea before Amman.

Near the Wadi Mujib reserve, I pulled off the road at a small lodge with individual huts. Hoping to pay just a small fee to access the Dead Sea here, I walked to reception. When I told him I only wanted to float in the sea for a few minutes, he handed me a towel and waived me in. Welcome to Jordan, he said, you can go for free.